Welcome to the Reader's Corner Website/Blog.

The Reader's Corner is a new and used bookstore located in Rolla, Missouri.

We specialize in buying, selling and trading like-new condition used books.

We currently have around 75,000 books in 52 genres displayed in a unique setting,

meticulously designed to encourage unhurried, comfortable browsing.

What We Do and How We Do It

  • We Sell Used Books
We sell most paperback fiction at half the publisher’s price with a minimum price of $2.50. Hardback fiction  is priced from between $5.99 and $12.99. Used hardback and paperback non-fiction is researched and priced according to current market values. These prices are significantly less than half the publisher’s price most of the time but not always. Our prices are marked in the upper right hand corner of the first page.
  • We Trade Books
If you have books you’d like to bring in to trade for store credit, the amount of credit you will receive is usually half of what we will sell the books for and is based on several things. We carefully look at your books and make our trade value determination by considering the age, condition and popularity of the books you’re trading in as well as the number of copies we currently have in stock. We cannot guarantee that we will take books back that you bought from us. It will depend on how many copies we have in stock at the time you bring them in and their condition.

We donate any books we can’t use to The Friends of the Rolla Area Public Library and the Phelps County Partnership or you are welcome to take them back.

We keep your trade balance on file and you don’t have to use it all in one visit. Credit can be used to trade for any used paperback, hardback or audio book in the store but not for decor, beverages, snacks, special ordered new or used books or new books that we have in stock.

  • We Buy Books
If you want to sell your books outright, we do pay cash for books but it is significantly less than trade credit would be. We are very selective about the books we buy or trade for so don’t be disappointed if we aren’t interested in buying some or any of your books.