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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Changing Book World

By Larry Bowen

This is our first blog post. Our goal in doing this blog is to provide readers with what we hope will be interesting information about reading, books and the book business.
There are a lot of changes taking place today that will impact the way we will read in the future. Ebooks, Kindles, iPads, Nooks and Google’s attempt to digitize every book on the planet are all advancing at a rapid if not rabid pace.
I’m in my mid-fifties now and, aside from the age issue, have always been averse to change. I don’t want to read a book on a piece of plastic and I don’t like e-mails over a paragraph long. Because of the aforementioned, I probably won’t ever own a book reading device. But, I won’t shun those who do buy and use them. It’s change that keeps the world fresh and interesting. The older I get though, the more I seek out sameness and the comfort of familiarity. It makes me feel safe and at peace with a world that seems to travel at a pace that I can’t and don’t really want to keep up with.
I think there will always be a place and, from a bookstore owner’s perspective, a market for, good old-fashioned books.  At least there will be for me.

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